Choosing a Dentist

How to Find a Good Dentist

Dentist Office in AnaheimMost people dread visiting the dentist until they experience a “dental emergency.” However, this is not right, as this means that you have probably neglected part of your dental hygiene for some time because proper dental hygiene includes regular dentist visits: but finding a good dentist is not always easy, especially when you have just moved into a new town such as Anaheim. To help you, here are some tips on how you can find a Good Dentist:

Get Recommendations

A good and actually one of the most convenient ways of finding a good dentist in Anaheim is to ask around. Ask your co-workers, neighbors, friends and relatives, if they can give you some recommendations. Your physician or local pharmacist may also be able to give you some suggestions.  If you have recently moved into a new area, ask your “old” dentist to give you a referral in your current area of residence.

Check out professional listings

Professional listings such as the local dental association or the territorial regulatory authority, such as the American Dental Association are also an excellent resource for finding a reputable local dentist in Anaheim. Most of these associations have a website, where you can find a list of competent dental professionals in addition to other information such as their credentials.

Get a feel of the dentist

Once you have identified a few dentists that you think would be ideal for you, you should consider paying them a visit. This is in a bid to find out whether or not they are the best fit for you by getting a “feel of the dentist”.

Below are 6 criteria for selecting a dentist you may want to consider:

1) Location: is the dentist’s location convenient for you? For instance, is it somewhere you can rush in during a lunch break or busy day without the possibility of affecting your regular schedule?

2) Does the dentist keep his/her schedules? During your first visit get a feel of how professional the dentist is with keeping appointments. This is especially, if you are keen on keeping time yourself, and hate it when your time is wasted.

3) How are appointments made? For instance, is it weeks in advance or months, depending on the availability of the dentist?  You should also strive to know how the dentist handles emergencies.

4) What payment options are available? This is one of the important questions you should ask a dentist because dental care can at times be costly. So, seek to find out whether your insurance is acceptable or any other means of payments that are convenient to you.

5) How comfortable are you with the dental professional? This is a question you should ask yourself after you have visited and talked to the dentist. For instance, was the Anaheim dentist able to answer all your questions satisfactory? And were you able to relate well and probably even trust the dentist?

6) How are their Yelp Reviews? It is important to check the online reputation of the dentist you are thinking about scheduling an appointment with.  One of the most popular sites for this is Yelp.

Good oral health requires you to have a good relationship with your dentist in Anaheim. So do not be afraid to call or visit a few dentists to find a suitable fit for you.  Use the above tips to find a dental professional you can trust with your overall dental hygiene.


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