Bad Breath

5 Ways to Stop Bad Breath

Prevent Bad BreathHaving bad breath can be one of the quickest turnoffs in any social setting, with your listeners and friends suddenly remembering any number of reasons why they need to be somewhere else – anywhere that you aren’t speaking and projecting unpleasant mouth odor. That might be a bit of an exaggeration, but the idea itself is entirely valid – no one wants to be around a person who has bad breath, and is apparently unaware of it.

This kind of scenario only has to happen to you once, or you need only be told about it once by a friend, before you realize you need to do something to correct it. To avoid this kind of unpleasant situation, there are a few simple things you can do to prevent friends and colleagues from heading for the hills when you open your mouth. If your breath doesn’t improve after trying these, you should consult your Anaheim dentist for a solution.

1) Brushing, flossing, rinsing

All three of these are essential for removing bacteria, and it’s that nasty bacteria which promotes the unpleasant odors emanating from your mouth. Plaque and trapped food particles are also big contributors to oral nastiness, and these are likewise removed during the brushing process. Once you’ve removed all the sources of bacteria, a good rinse with your favorite mouthwash can kill off any remaining bacteria, and impart a fresh smell to your breath.

2) Tongue scraping

This might sound a bit tortuous, but it really only involves taking your toothbrush and gently scraping it across both surfaces of your tongue. This removes the coating and the dead skin cells from your tongue which often serve as hosts for bacterial growth, and the scraping should be followed up by a good rinse with mouthwash.

3) Avoid foods which promote bad breath

Especially when you know you’ll be in a crowded social setting, it’s wise to avoid foods which are known to impart bad breath after consumption. For example, garlic and onions are two foods at the top of this dubious list, and since there’s no way to mask their post-dinner odor, your best bet is to shun them altogether when you’re about to join company with others.

4) No smoking!

Bad breath may be the least of your health concerns when you smoke cigarettes, but it’s certainly at least one of them. If you need another oral reason, smoking can also significantly damage your gums and stain your teeth yellow, so your appearance will be impacted as well as your breath. Gum disease is caused by having pockets of bacteria gather at the base of your teeth, and eat away at the tissue there. In addition to the physical gum damage, that bacteria can also smell pretty bad, and saddle you with a severe case of bad breath. And of course, everyone knows that smoking carries some other fairly unpleasant consequences, so – just stop it!

5) Chew gum

This may sound wrong, but as long as you chew sugarless gum, it can actually freshen your breath without causing any health issues. Breath mints are not nearly as safe or effective, because they leave lots of sugar in your mouth which bacteria just love. That sugar gets converted into acid by bacteria in your mouth, and in addition to promoting tooth decay, the resulting acid gives you bad breath.


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